API - Captcha Bypass - Know Captcha
Access Procedure


1.If the software developer for personal use, please recharge in the "User account"!

2.The following is the "Image type" captcha access process, if you have a choice problem, coordinate problem or other special items, please contact us!

Access procedure


1.Register the software developer account

Automatically generate the same ID and password of the test "User account"
(Please contact customer service for free credits)

2.In the software developer account generates software ID and Key Get software ID and key(Visible after sign in)
3.Determine the captcha type number

View standard types
(Non-standard types, be sure to contact customer service to confirm type number, otherwise it will lead to a code error)

4.Download the corresponding API examples, follow the prompts to complete the test Please contact us: ServiceKnowCaptcha@gmail.com
5.Fill payment rate into software developer account

Please contact us: ServiceKnowCaptcha@gmail.com

6.Congratulations on your successful access! Tip: API can be automatically updated, developers will save time and effort